A Legacy of Dedication and Expertise

On March 8, 2024, we honor the retirement of Roger Watkins, a remarkable individual who has left a permanent mark on West Techs. His multifaceted career spanned 45 years in the industry, and his impact resonates across our organization.

From Sheet Metal Worker to Mechanical Install Foreman

Roger began his journey as a sheet metal worker, shaping raw materials into functional components. His precision and craftsmanship were evident in every duct, every joint. Over time, he ascended to the role of mechanical install foreman, orchestrating complex projects with finesse. Roger’s ability to lead, mentor, and troubleshoot made him indispensable.

The Warehouse Manager Extraordinaire

Beyond the installation sites, Roger’s influence extended to our warehouse. He streamlined operations, ensuring that supplies flowed seamlessly. His meticulous inventory management kept our projects on track. Roger was the quiet force behind our bustling warehouse for many years.

Where We Stand Today

Our success story bears Roger’s fingerprints. The chillers hum, the HVAC systems breathe, and the ducts channel air—all thanks to his expertise. His legacy isn’t just in the physical structures; it’s in the camaraderie he fostered, the knowledge he shared, and the countless hours he dedicated.


As Roger embarks on this new chapter, we celebrate his contributions. We’ll miss his guidance, his work ethic, and the way he transformed challenges into triumphs. Roger, may your retirement be filled with joy, relaxation, and new adventures. From all of us at West Techs, we wish you the happiest of retirements.