Building Controls

At West Techs, we believe that building controls should serve you and your equipment. Using up-to-date technology, our Building Automation Systems are able to ensure the durability and efficiency of your equipment and your space. Efficiency of equipment and people go hand-in-hand, and we are confident our building controls can go to work for you in ensuring productivity and efficiency, both in your systems and your employees.

The typical Central Chiller Plant with a BAS performs equipment sequencing that allows the operator to view the equipment status through a graphical display, receive operator selected alarms/events, and can generate operator selected trending reports.

Central plant advanced continuous commissioning offers a magnitude of energy savings above and beyond a typical BAS controlled Central Plant through detailed and articulate real-time data gathering and analytics. This system measures and verifies all critical components and makes financially based maintenance and installation recommendations based on your Return on Investment (R.O.I.). The larger the Central Plant, the larger the savings.

BAS Before
BAS After

Some of the features include:

• Works for your chiller plant 24/7. There is nothing about the central plant that you will not know.

• Strategically Planned Energy Analysis pinpoints energy consumption in the central plant and identifies savings.

• Remote monitoring of the central plant activity via secure web intranet or smart phone.

• Load profile and data gathering allows the user to trend HVAC cost on demand, 5 minute, hourly, daily, monthly, and yearly to develop past and future operational costs.

• Measurement and verification surveys gain factual information on central plant operational costs and provide reasons why.

• Future equipment purchase tool will take the building load profile based on measured data and tell you which chiller is best for your specific facility without ever purchasing a piece of equipment.

• Third party commissioning through the software will identify if equipment already installed meets the criteria for the owners needs and is performing to design specifications.

• The LEED and Energy Star tool provides factual, real-time data allowing users to pinpoint potential savings. This process will help optimize maintenance strategies and identify inefficient equipment. Such strategies can help target Energy Star or LEED certification. KNOWLEDGE SAVES POWER!

Our building control will allow you to do as much or as little with it as you want.  It doesn’t overcomplicate things, nor does it leave out information you might need. We serve both the spreadsheet lovers and those who just want to be able adjust the temperature while out to lunch.  We are here to provide what you want to know, when you want to know it.  Efficiency breeds productivity, and the key to becoming efficient is the knowledge that comes with our Building Automation System.  Contact us today and let us tell you personally how our building control system can serve you.