One of the advantages to teaming up with West Techs for Building Upgrades/Retrofits is our experience.

When installing new equipment, there is a lot to consider. This isn’t a job to just be handed to anyone who offers to do it.  It takes a team of experienced installers to make sure the job is done right.  Unlike the typical mechanical contractor, West Techs is a highly technical company.

We are not loyal to a manufacturer, brand, or even an engineering firm. Our loyalty is to YOU, our customer. We will help evaluate your priorities, whether it be efficiency, reliability, environmental, or capital expenditure cost. We will then help select the right machine for the job!

HVAC equipment has a long-life cycle, meaning a poor choice will have ramifications for years beyond the installation process.  We are dedicated to doing the work it takes to be sure you are satisfied with the product and the process. We built this company on that one thing, customer service. We won’t sell you what we won’t service!

West Techs has extensive experience in keeping your plant or building operational during plant upgrades. Whether the project is a large chiller plant retrofit, or replacing small rooftop units, West Techs has experience and capabilities to meet and exceed your needs. Beyond this, our team of highly experienced installers and supervisors are dedicated to both safety and quality.

We promise to:

• Evaluate your needs and help choose equipment accordingly

• Assess the structural integrity of your facility

• Provide excellent oversight and customer service throughout the installation process

• Value safety as well as quality

• Provide real customer service after the installation is complete

• Work efficiently so that you can have your service up and running quickly

• Maximize efficiency and cost savings

West Techs is dedicated to providing you with the consulting, project management, equipment installation, and customer service you need to keep your business moving forward. The installation of new equipment can increase energy efficiency and ensure increased productivity in your place of business. Let our experience and expertise go to work for you.  Contact us today to discuss your installation needs.