Service & Maintenance

When you have issues with your equipment, it can be disastrous to your business, both financially and personally. Even worse than having your HVAC system compromised is the headache of finding a business that is reputable and dedicated to repairing it quickly and effectively.

There are a lot of companies who will sell you a product and even install it but finding a company that will service your existing equipment efficiently and without headache is harder to do. Good customer service and repair is getting harder and harder to find. At West Techs, we believe that having your equipment serviced should be a positive experience.  

West Techs offers a wide range of HVAC services for Chillers, Package Rooftop Units, Split Systems, Air Handling Units, Boilers, Pumps, Cooling Towers, and Industrial Coatings.

Reducing energy and operational costs of your HVAC equipment is West Techs Chill Water Specialist’s goal for your facility. West Techs offers complete comprehensive services for all of your commercial HVAC service needs.

Our Planned Maintenance offers peace of mind in knowing that your equipment is being maintained to the OEM guidelines. This will help to ensure that your investment is meeting or exceeding its original life expectancy with less down-time, less tenant complaints, and less hassle.

Sometimes, it is hard to know when service is needed.  It becomes easy, when running a building or a business, to let small issues slide by, unaddressed. It is imperative, however, to service small issues before they become big issues.  Allowing West Techs to service your equipment can save you money and headache in the long run.

If, during the evaluation of your equipment, it becomes apparent that the solution requires service that will have your unit out of commission for an extended period, we also provide equipment rentals.  

West Techs can assess and service your existing equipment before a small problem becomes a big problem, and we will do it with a smile on our face.  Call us old-fashioned, but we still believe the customer is always right and are willing to prove it by providing excellent and efficient service for your business.  

Do not delay – call us today if you are experiencing any issues with your HVAC equipment and let us assess your needs.